Let’s get to know about Curcuma Sync + Serum


Let’s get to know about Curcuma Sync + Serum ✨✨

Curcuma Sync + is the synergy of three powerful actives. The key ingredients are

1. Curcumin Zinc Complex Encapsulation, obtained a patent from innovation and research center of Mae Fah Luang University (MFU). This innovation helps brighten your skin, reduce melanin content, and fade down the redness and dark spot.

2. Pine bark extract, inhibited the deterioration of collagen. Helps to slow down skin aging ⭐

3. Rose extract, help tighten pores and balance skin PH, reduce inflammation. These best three actives work synergistically well to help fix our skin problems.  What to say is that it can cure to the ground of skin problems.

“This was the picture after I used the serum for 7 days”    

brightening cleanser

It is lightweight, absorbs quickly without a sticky feel. When applied really felt comfortable.
I noticed the acne scar on my forehead has fade down and my face was glowing.
If you would like to have a bright and smooth skin, can try this Curcuma Sync+ brightening serum.        

For more information, take a look at our Curcuma Sync+ brightening serum.

Curcuma Sync+ Brightening Serum


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